Wolfram  . 2012 . table lamp / mirror 

Wolfram is a personal table lamp. The base holds personal items such as your phone or keys. The diffuser is a rotating mirror, making it possible to adjust the light as you need it. When lid the mirror becomes slightly  transparent. As an ode to its unmatched light quality the classic halogen bulb comes glowing through. The tungsten filament, called “wolfraam” in dutch, becomes visible.

Plyght  .  2011  .  shelf / wall light . production : will be announced soon

By moulding a sheet of plywood a wall luminating shelf is created. The bend gives room for the integration of light and makes an invisible fixation possible. This results in a pure silhouette that seems to be floating. Plyght provides functional up and downlight, showing the meaningful use of wooden moulded elements with 3D veneers. This design was showcased in the finals of the international Becker design contest 2011.

Tuberack  . 2012 . shelf / space divider . production : Mookum

Tuberack is a shelf / space divider assembled without screws or glue but strongly held together by rubber tubes. The tubes make a random pattern that can be used to display books or other items. Tuberack is made out of solid oak and comes in a flat package, easy to assemble.

Parabowl  . 2012 . suspension light / bowl 

Parabowl is a suspension lamp with matching bowls made out of HI-MACS solid surface sheets. By using low voltage power through the metal suspension cables, no electrical wire is needed and the light seems to be floating. When switched on the pattern in the bowls becomes visible through the translucent material. The pattern is milled randomly out of the HI-MACS circular sheets of different diameters. Only after this they are thermoformed over the same mould.

Take a shelve  . shelf / chair .  2007  .  production : Joeri Reynaert 

Stacked chairs  require space. Take a shelve makes this space functional as bookshelves or a small table. This prototype is made out of birch plywood.